Sewer Video Inspection in Merced

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Before sewer video inspections, the world of plumbing was a lot more invasive and potentially damaging. Entire landscapes were destroyed in efforts to locate a clog. It wasn’t foolproof either which meant that sometimes plumbers dug trenches and destroyed landscapes for no reason. In today’s world, plumbers no longer have to dig trenches for direct access to piping systems. Using sewer video inspections, our plumbers at Valley Plumbing Pros can now get an accurate assessment of your issues and provide a top-quality sewer line repair you can count on.

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How Does Sewer Video Inspection Work?

At its core, a sewer video inspection is quite simple. First, the plumber places a waterproof video camera in the piping system via a drain. Then, the rest is history! The camera makes its way through the piping system all while recording the condition of the inside of the pipes.

Afterward, the homeowner and plumber both have a clear visual of the state of the pipes and can more easily locate and fix a pipe leak. There are a few different things a sewer video inspection can and can’t find. A few things it can find are:

  • It can locate outdoor pipelines
  • Determines inconsistencies in water pressure
  • Helps to locate blockages
  • Helps to locate leaks
  • Can tell between PVC of cast-iron pipes
  • Can identify and check connectors within the system

Benefits of Sewer Video Inspection

The technology itself isn’t necessarily new, but sewer video inspection is still considered a new development in the plumbing world. That said, it is also the natural progression of plumbing and learning how to better locate issues in the pipes.

There are so many benefits of sewer video inspection and seemingly no downside. It’s a service used for everything from maintenance to repairs and replacement. Regardless of the issue, a professional will most likely recommend this service to you, especially if the problem seems to be located in the outdoor piping system.

Some other common benefits of sewer video inspection include:

  • Doesn’t take as long to find and eradicate an issue
  • Causes less damage to landscaping
  • It’s quicker than the alternative
  • It’s thorough and detailed
  • Significantly reduces stress

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