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From burst pipes to severe clogs, trust the emergency plumbers serving Merced, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties!

After a long day of work, you come home to find a puddle of water near your water heater or faucets that are not producing water at all. While these may be extreme emergency situations, they are often the situations homeowners find themselves in at the most inopportune time. Not only can it hamper your ability to use your plumbing, but also it can cause extensive damage too. At Valley Plumbing Pros, we are your reliable Merced plumber. We always have a technician on call and can help you find a solution for even the most complex issues.

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What’s Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Not all plumbing issues need immediate attention, but some do. Knowing how to tell the difference can help you save on expensive damage and plumbing repairs. Some of the most common emergency plumbing situations we handle include:

  • Damaged Water Lines: The main water line is responsible for bringing all the water you need into your home. If it’s damaged not only can you face water damage, but also you’ll be unable to use your plumbing issues. While winters don’t always reach freezing temperatures, if they do, this is also a common time for water main issues.
  • Sewer Line Issues: You rely on your sewer lines to remove wastewater from your home. If the sewer line is clogged or damaged, you could be in line for an unsanitary situation. Not only do we offer video inspections, but also trenchless sewer repairs to a simple fix when compared to excavation.
  • Water Heater Leaks: Water heaters can deteriorate with age. Eventually, this can lead to a ruptured tank, pouring gallons of water into your home. Be on the lookout for any rust buildup or a small leak under the tank or around fittings. However, if the tank has already ruptured, then a water heater replacement is needed.

Essentially, if your plumbing system is not working properly or there is a water leak of any kind, you could be dealing with an emergency situation. By calling for emergency service, you can limit damage and restore functionality to your home.

How Can These Issues Affect Your Home?

What sets an emergency situation apart from a standard plumbing repair is the impact it can have on your home and safety. If you’re considering holding off on a repair until the next day, remember the following:

  • Severe Water Damage: The biggest concern with any plumbing issue is water damage. Water will not only damage flooring and furniture but also it can lead to mold and mildew growth. Always be on the lookout for musty smells as this could be a clear indication there’s plumbing damage in your home.
  • Loss of Functionality: Many homeowners may not realize it, but their plumbing plays a major role in everyday life. From cooking your food to showering and preparing for the day, a plumbing emergency can stop you from having access to your entire system.
  • Homeowner Safety: Not only can water damage lead to mold growth but also it can damage electrical systems in your home. In many instances, water leaks can cause floods, which in turn can damage outlets and wiring, leading to electrical fires as well.

Because of the severity of these situations, calling for emergency repair is essential. Our plumbers are available and have the tools and experience needed to solve even your toughest issues.

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Reliable Emergency Plumbing Services

As homeowners, we understand how challenging an unexpected expense or repair can be. When you work with our plumbers for emergency service, we always offer upfront, competitive pricing. All our technicians are licensed and insured so you can trust the contractors working in your home and always back our work with our customer satisfaction guarantee. No matter the issue, you can count on us!

When you need emergency plumbing service in Merced, CA and the surrounding area, look no further than Valley Plumbing Pros. Call us at (209) 872-6077 for availability.