Trenchless Sewer Repair in Merced

Has your sewer line collapsed? Don’t fear! Call Valley Plumbing Pros for trenchless sewer repair, the trusted experts in Merced, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties!

No homeowner wants to hear that their sewer lines are damaged and will need repair. Historically, sewer repairs have been a hugely invasive process because lines would have to be located and excavated to have work performed on them. This would mean that slabs would need to be jackhammered, landscaping destroyed, driveways trenched and lawns ruined. Not only was the cost to fix the sewer line high, the cost to repair the damage from the trenching could easily double the cost of the project.

Thankfully, a better way is available. When you choose to work with the professional Merced trenchless sewer repair experts at Valley Plumbing Pros, you don’t have to worry about destroying your property to fix your sewer line. We use the latest trenchless technology available to keep you home intact and the cost of your sewer replacement low.

Additionally, our plumbers use sewer video inspections to ensure an accurate and effective repair solution.

Signs Your Sewer Line Is Damaged

Sewer problems are so detrimental simply because your home relies on one main sewer line, which drains all of the wastewater and flushed toilets and carries it to your municipality for treatment. When it can’t do this, it means that your plumbing is effectively shut down until it’s repaired. Keep an eye out for these signs that your sewer line is damaged:

  • Sewage backs up into the home
  • Soggy or lush spots on your lawn
  • Foundation damage
  • Insect infestation
  • Foul odors

If you’ve noticed any of these around your home then there is a chance that your sewer line is compromised and will need a repair. Depending on the scale of the damage and type of material that your sewer line is made of will determine if the line needs to be totally replaced or just fixed in a few spots.

How Trenchless Sewer Repairs Work

As the name implies, trenchless sewer repair allows plumbers to replace a sewer line without digging the old one up or digging a new trench for a new line. There are several methods that are used depending on the situation:

  • Structural Pipe Lining: An epoxy-soaked sleeve is inserted into the existing damaged pipe and allowed to cure. This leaves a new pipe inside of the old one that has a life expectancy of nearly 100 years.
  • Pipe Bursting: A new pipe is pulled through the old one with a hydraulic head that bursts the old pipe and pulls the new one into its place.
  • Slip Lining: A pipe of slightly smaller diameter is pulled into the old pipe leaving what is essentially a new pipe with no damage in its place.

Depending on your specific situation, our plumbers will decide what is best for you. We will always strive to mitigate the damage to your property and make plumbing repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner so you can get back to living life.

Don’t let a sewer repair become a disaster. Be sure to ask about our drain cleaning service to help prevent blockages in your sewer system.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing trenchless sewer repair from Valley Plumbing Pros will save you time and money over choosing other plumbers who only offer traditional methods. Our crews work quickly and diligently to repair your broken sewer lines with minimum interference with your daily life.

Our hundreds of satisfied customers from Merced testify to the quality of our work in the community over the last 10 years. Work with us and see why “great service at a competitive price” is our motto.

Traditional sewer repair can cost thousands of dollars extra for unnecessary repairs to your property. Call (209) 872-6077 today and see how easy sewer repair can be with trenchless sewer repair in Merced from Valley Plumbing Pros.