Bathroom Remodeling in Merced

Keep your home up-to-date with a fresh bathroom remodel from the professionals at Valley Plumbing Pros, serving Merced, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties!

Sometimes, remodeling your bathroom is just the pick-me-up you need to fall back in love with your home. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You find yourself bored with your surroundings and looking for a new home to purchase or build. In reality, you know you don’t have the means to move just yet, but you still want a freshened look in your home. By far one of the easiest ways to immediately improve the aesthetic feel of a home is by remodeling the bathroom. No matter what is going on in the home, the bathroom is sure to get used at least once a day, so why not add a little excitement into the space? At Valley Plumbing Pros, we not only help to ensure all your bathroom plumbing is in order, but we also help you to consider which fixtures are best for your needs!

Toilet problems are common in bathrooms. However, if they’ve become a routine issue, consider a toilet replacement instead!

Things to Consider When Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom sounds fun at first, and it is! However, there are some technical aspects to consider before getting lost in the decorating side of things. There are two considerations in particular that our bathroom remodeling experts want you to be aware of.

Pipe Rerouting
Pipe rerouting is a service we offer to our customers and is one of the first things to be considered when remodeling a bathroom. Are you moving fixtures around? If so, your bathroom piping will almost definitely need to be rerouted. Luckily, it is a fairly simple and relatively quick process because the main piping system is already established.

Another reason for pipe rerouting is if you are in the middle of the demolition part of the remodel and notice that the piping is old and worn out. The last thing anyone wants in their brand new bathroom is old and broken down piping.

Fixture Upgrades
Whether your previous fixtures are aged or not, a bathroom remodel just isn’t the same without upgrading the fixtures as well. Even if you can’t afford to upgrade them all, a new sink and vanity area are enough to make any bathroom feel brand new.

Shower Vs. Bathtub

Before you begin the bathroom remodel, there is one other big consideration to make. Deciding whether to go with a stand-alone shower, bathtub, one of each, or with a bathtub and shower combination is extremely important.

If the decision is made too late, you will find yourself busting through that fresh drywall to install new plumbing. This is because depending on which one you pick, each fixture has its own set of plumbing to install. Most homes go for the bathtub and shower combo because it is budget-friendly, while others opt for both fixtures to be installed separately. Nonetheless, one is no better than the other. It is all based on preference and the needs of your household.

Old pipes can hamper even the best bathroom remodel in Merced. Be sure your plumbing is up to par with a whole-home repiping service.

Valley Plumbing Pros Has You Covered

Bathroom remodels are stressful enough. You need plumbing professionals you can depend on to help you get the job done right and Valley Plumbing Pros is that team of professionals. We’ve been in the industry for over a decade performing full-service plumbing, so you can trust that we can handle a little bathroom remodel plumbing.

Whether you want to move the fixtures around or simply update the piping, we have you covered. Then, not only will you have a fresh new bathroom on the outside, but inside the piping system as well.

Plumbing just got a little easier with the help of our professionals at Valley Plumbing Pros in Merced. Our upfront pricing promise keeps you aware of your budget and keeps your home in efficient working condition. Call us today at (209) 872-6077 to learn more!