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Tips for Finding a Dependable Plumber During the Holiday Season

3 Things To Consider While Booking a Plumber

Well, the holidays are finally here. With all of the hustle and bustle that this festive season can provide, the last thing on the mind of a holiday fanatic is the state of their home plumbing. Things tend to go wrong at the most inopportune times, and the holidays are no exception. With family and friends making their way home for the holidays, the last thing that a party host needs are backed up pipes or a toilet that doesn’t flush. Impressing those pesky in-laws with festive cuisine is enough stress on someone’s mind. In this article, plumbing experts share some essential criteria to look for in a potential plumbing company, ensuring even the toughest plumbing issue is a quick fix.  

Confirm They’re Licensed Professionals


There are a plethora of plumbing services offered today, and it can be overwhelming selecting a company that suits a homeowner’s needs. Confirming that a business uses licensed technicians should be at the top of the checklist. Qualified plumbers are required to complete various levels of certification. 

This reflects upon the quality of service and protects the homeowner when less than adequate work is performed. Licensed plumbers are often required to be insured, which protects the customer. Using an unlicensed or unqualified plumber may void any obligation to a refund or claim if there is damage done during a service. In that case, the customer will be left responsible for repairing extra damages out of pocket.

Keep in mind that different states require different certification levels, so be sure to check local qualifications before scheduling a plumbing service.  

Always Consider Online Reviews

If people look up reviews of a restaurant before they order food, why wouldn’t someone do the same for their plumber! It can be fun to take a chance on a new restaurant or coffee shop. But when it comes to the integrity and quality of work within one’s own home, it’s best not to cut corners.

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A simple customer review may answer potential questions before contacting the company, including their availability during the holiday season. There may even be information that wasn’t considered that is brought to light. Some considerations include whether the company is timely, prepared, and stands behind their work. 

Inquire About Membership Services and Promotions

Many plumbing services may offer loyalty programs that provided extended benefits to homeowners. Customers may not think a plumbing service membership is necessary, but they often come with an array of benefits that are easily overlooked.

These benefits may include: 

  • Fixed prices
  • Prime services
  • 24/7 on-call technicians
  • Discounts on selected services
  • Free inspections, 
  • Priority scheduling

In some cases, a membership can even mean enjoying lifetime warranties on installations. They may also include extended hours of service during those inconvenient holiday hours, which might be a saving grace for that holiday reunion with family and friends.

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