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Your home’s plumbing system is the heartbeat of the home, and it plays an essential role in your daily life. From using the toilets and sinks multiple times a day to cleaning your body and your dishes, even a minor issue can cause a huge set-back in comfortability within the home. It’s vital to have a plumbing company you can trust when things go wrong. At Valley Plumbing Pros, we’re here to help no matter the time of day or night. Not only do we offer excellent plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Lathrop, CA area, but also we offer your satisfaction guarantee, which makes getting reliable help easier than ever!

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Important Things to Remember During a Plumbing Emergency

It depends on what type of plumbing emergency you are faced with, but there are a few different things each homeowner can do to help reduce the effects of a plumbing emergency. These are all things that can also help to save you money in the end as well because you won’t have to deal with as many expensive damages as a result.

Below are some important tips to remember during a plumbing emergency:

  • First, be sure to thoroughly assess the issue. You want to look for anything that stands out like leaking water, loud noises, or clogged pipes.
  • Then you want to locate the water shut-off valve and switch it to off
  • Call a plumber

It is important to call a plumber right away. It is the only way to try and stop the problem before it turns into a full-blown emergency. Our professionals at Valley Plumbing Pros are specifically trained to handle any plumbing emergency with ease. You have nothing to fear when you work with our experts!

The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Keeping up with drain cleaning is essential to the overall health of your entire plumbing system. When drains are slow-moving, it affects every other part of the system because it is all connected. That is why drain cleaning is so important, but not just any old drain cleaning. It is crucial to have your drains cleaned professionally at least once a year. It saves your plumbing system which in turn saves you in repairs and damages.

Common benefits of professional drain cleaning include:

  • Drains that stay clear longer
  • Appliances work better
  • The system ages better as a whole
  • Fewer repairs
  • Consistent water pressure

Even a small clog can wreak a lot of havoc on your home. When you have professional drain cleaning done at least once a year, it ensures that even small clogs don’t stand a chance! To put it simply, it is one of the best forms of regular maintenance you can do for your piping system.

Free up your schedule a little bit by joining our maintenance program. It’ll keep you updated on all things maintenance, including when it’s time to have your plumbing system professionally maintained.

Common Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Repaired

It is extremely common for homeowners to wait until their water heater presents multiple signs of issues. This is not the best solution, though, because it can lead to more damages and more expensive repairs later on.

When you know what to look for and are relatively paying attention, water heater troubles are easy to spot. At Valley Plumbing Pros, we want you to be prepared enough to handle the situation until we arrive on the scene.

Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you notice any one of the below-listed signs:

  • Foul odors
  • Loud noises
  • Rusty water
  • Water build-up around the outside

The last thing you want to worry about in the middle of a plumbing emergency is what plumber you are going to call. Those located in Lathrop, CA and the surrounding areas can trust our experts at Valley Plumbing Pros to be there when you need us most.

Our professionals at Valley Plumbing Pros are all licensed and insured through the company. In turn, this keeps their customers’ safer and promises that all professionals can get any plumbing job done quickly and professionally. Call today at (209) 872-6077 to learn more about our Lathrop plumbing services.