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Start Off the New Year Right With a New Water Heater

3 Ways To Tell That a Water Heater Needs To Be Replaced

The changing of the year is a time to reflect and set new goals for the coming year. Due to their long-term nature, many people like to include financial goals and plans to update and renovate their homes. 

A home represents a stable and comfortable place in a family's life. Therefore, it should be protected by keeping it up to date and ensuring that all of its utilities and appliances are working. A water heater in the home is one of its greatest comforts. Planning for replacing a water heater is something that can be done at the beginning of the year. Replacing a water heater can ensure that hot water is always available and money isn’t needlessly wasted on repairs. 

Figure Out the Age

One of the biggest steps in determining if it is time to replace a water heater involves determining the age. The age can be determined by checking:

  • The serial number and confirming with the manufacturers
  • Looking at installation records
  • Label plate for a date
  • Looking up warranty information

A typical water tank will last between 7-10 years. Most of the time, they can manage this problem-free. Most manufacturer’s warranties also cover this period. Once the time has lapsed, it becomes more likely that a tank will start to experience problems. This means added costs for repairs as well as higher bills from lower efficiency. 

When the age of the tank is determined, plans can be made to replace it. This allows the financial costs to be lessened and ensures that loss of service isn’t experienced. Once the new tank is installed, be sure to track its age. 

Presence of Discolored Water

colored water

Discolored water is a sign that a water heater is starting to age and probably hasn’t been adequately maintained. Discolored water can be an indicator that the interior of the tank is beginning to fail. Water that appears cloudy or reddish can be prevented by good maintenance and protecting the appliance from lower quality water. To better care for a water heater:

  • Schedule Routine Maintenance: Plumbers can better care for the water heater by draining it annually and inspecting the features that protect the tank from rusting. 
  • Keep Water Softener Tank Full: Water softeners protect tanks and water quality by removing extra minerals. They help to reduce the corrosive effects of scale inside a water heater. 
  • Professional Installation: A licensed plumber will install the tank up to code with all the necessary features to make sure it lasts as long as it was designed to. 

Persistent Leaks Around the Tank


Leaks are the most severe indicator that a new water heater is needed. Leaks in the tank can lead to safety issues like an extinguished pilot light. A leaking tank can cost a lot of extra money from wasted water as well as the utility cost to heat the constant leak. If a tank has begun to leak, the homeowner should start planning to replace the water heater very soon. Tanks that rupture or leak heavily have the potential to cause more significant damage like destroyed walls and floors. 

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